How to choose the right winder pole

June 13, 2024 How to Guides

We stock a range of fixed and adjustable winder poles, there's a few things to be aware of when determining the right one for your window.

About our range

We have a wide range of poles available in various sizes, including adjustable options.

Brass Poles

We have fixed and extendable poles in brass material, these come in lacquered brass or plated in chrome, satin chrome, brushed brass, and distressed bronze.  These poles have wooden handles, and the sizes range from 1mtr to a 3mtr extendable option.

Aluminium Poles

These are more cost-effective aluminium poles with plastic handles, they are anodised in satin aluminium or satin gold finishes.  We have these in sizes from 1mtr to a 3mtr extendable option and even a budget option which is very cost effective.

Getting the right size

An illustration of how to measure for a winder pole

Window Angle

The most common overlooked aspect of winder poles is that they need to be operated parallel with the screwjack thread.  If the difference in angle between the winder pole and the screwjack is too great, you'll experience difficulty turning the screwjack.  The hook may fall out of the screwjack and the turning action may not be smooth.

This generally isn't an issue for screwjacks mounted on a pitched roof, but when they are mounted on a vertical wall it may cause issues if the window is at high level.  You won't be able to operate screwjack from below the window.  But operating a window over a kitchen sink however should be fine.

Pole Length

When measuring the distance, you want to be standing directly in front of the screwjack with the screwjack pointing at you.  You'll want to measure the distance from the screwjack's loop to a comfortable operating position, usually by your hips.  It's better to be measure slightly under and adjust your reach instead of having a pole that's too long.

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