How to choose the right screwjack

June 27, 2024 How to Guides

Find out which screwjack is most popular for different window types and styles.

Telescopic Screwjacks with Eyelet

These screwjacks are our most popular and typically used on conservatory roof vents and roof lantern windows at high level. They are available complete with a choice of two bracket options.

We have these available in brass, chrome, satin chrome, and bronze finish, with 2 recent additions Brushed Brass and Satin Nickel available with large brackets only.

Telescopic Screwjacks with Handle

Often used on roof windows and windows over desks or worktops at low level.  These telescopic handle style openers are used when the normal opening hardware is just out of reach, giving you a short extension via the handle.  They are often purchased with a matching extended bracket to give you additional clearance if mounted on a window cill.

These are also popular on narrow boat windows/vents, often referred to as pigeon boxes or pigeon box windows.

These come in brass, chrome, satin chrome, and bronze finishes, each supplied with small brackets.  They are compatible with our larger brackets if that works best for your window.

Single Thread Screwjacks

Typically used on timber skylights and windows with deep reveals.  These screwjacks are made from a single rod and do not have a telescopic thread.  They are available in a wide range of sizes from 150mm to 450mm long, finish wise, they come in brass, chrome, satin chrome, and bronze.

The longer lengths are popular when you have a deep cill or frame. It gives you more choice for positioning the pivot point to avoid fouling whilst still maintaining good opening distance.

Pitched Roofs or Vertical Walls

When the skylight or window is at high level and out of reach a screwjack with an eyelet is used in conjunction with a winder pole to open the vent.  This works well because when using the winder pole you have to be in line with the screwjack thread. 

For windows on vertical walls, if your window is at high level then screwjacks are generally not suitable for this window type. This is because you'll be operating the pole above your head or on a step ladder.  See our winder pole guide for more information.

If your window is at a lower level then screwjacks can work well, you can choose between either a handle or eyelet style depending on the depth of the window reveal.

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