Long Telescopic Screwjack - Small Brackets - Satin Chrome

£ 21.00 (£ 17.50 ex VAT) each
£ 19.96 (£ 16.63 ex VAT) per unit for buying at least 5
Dimension A: 258 mm
Dimension B: 310 mm
Dimension C: 413 mm

Brand: Rocburn Limited

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Twin thread (Telescopic) screwjack with the small bracket set, made in solid brass and satin chrome plated to maintain the finish, twin thread screwjacks have an inner and outer thread that extend together, the advantage to this the screwjack does't protrude out to far keeping the installation neater.

This is the larger of the 2 screwjacks we stock, both types are most popular on roof vents and skylights. The small bracket set is most often used on timber windows and skylight windows were there is visible frame on the opening vent.

The bracket on the body can be face mounted or mounted down to a deeper frame or ledge. you can also mix the bracket types if needed for your window frame. If you need advice please call us

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Very happy with these. My husband installed them at the weekend and they just transform the window amazingly. Thank you.

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