Long Telescopic Screwjack - Small Brackets - Satin Chrome

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Maximum Travel310mmMinimum Length258mmMaximum Length413mm

Long telescopic screwjack with with small brackets and a satin chrome finish.

All our screwjacks are hand crafted and forged from solid brass stock.  Once the desired finish is achieved a clear lacquer is applied for protection.  The lacquer also helps to prevent dulling making the screwjack look great for years to come.


  • Size: 350mm (310mm max opening)
  • Finish: Satin Chrome
  • Length: 258 - 413mm
  • Brackets: Small

£25.25 ex VAT

Additional Information

The vent bracket can be mounted, either to the face of the vent, or down onto the frame/edge if depth allows.  The mounting brackets on our telescopic screwjacks are interchangeable and can be seen in the related products section below.  This gives you the most flexibility when fitting to your window, if you're unsure of which bracket you need, our experts are happy to answer your questions.

How to choose the right screwjack

Find out which screwjack is most popular for different window types and styles.

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